It all began with female artistic gymnastics, where Celia

accomplished ten years of intensive practice.  She then joined

the French aerobics national team for which she performed

for five years. She eventually decided to put an end

to her sports career to dedicate herself to performing arts.

Célia began her professional career with a first contract

for Disneyland Paris, where she discovered and intensely

practiced aerial acrobatics (rope and net). This first experience

strengthened her desire and passion for artistic

performance, so naturally, she pursued with a second contract

with Alexis Gruss' traditional circus. She performed high level

acrobatics and aerobatics on horseback.

Driven by her desire to progress and her wish to create

her own artistic numbers, she embarked in a three-year course

with the National Circus School in Montreal. Inspired by the ability

to move, fly and dance, she chose straps as an aerial discipline.

Motivated by the challenge, Célia seeks to distinguish herself

by combining strength with a certain sensuality, femininity and virtuosity.


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